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Availability listed below
is for the summer of 2019

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(AVAILABLE) - Available for
summer 2019
(RENTED) - Unavailable for
summer 2019
(COMMITTED) - Probably
unavailable for summer 2019

Comfy and Cozy with a big leather couch. Rec-Plex just down the street. Must see to appreciate!!!


  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Modern Bath
  • Very Nicely furnished, Including leather couch
  • On site parking
  • Washer & Dryer in Basement
  • Central Air-Conditioning
  • 6' x 15' Party Deck / Side Porch
  • Basement for storage

Rent for this unit is $5400 per student per semester assuming full occupancy and equal sharing of rent.

Summer rent for this unit is $1290 per person for the entire summer rental period if there is full or near full occupancy.

If you have an interest in renting this unit, EMAIL A STUDENT HOUSING INQUIRY.