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All properties have been rented
for the 2019-2020 school year

Availability listed below
is for the summer of 2019

Click addresses below
for details about the units





(AVAILABLE) - Available for
summer 2019
(RENTED) - Unavailable for
summer 2019
(COMMITTED) - Probably
unavailable for summer 2019

Safety & Security
  • All entry doors have double locks including high quality deadbolts
  • All windows are lockable
  • Entry doors have 4 digit pushbutton lock to help insure door is always in locked position
  • All bedroom doors are lockable, requiring key for entry from outside when locked
  • All units have smoke alarms wired directly into the electric power of the house
  • All units have fire extinguishers on each floor
  • All units are inspected annually by City of Dayton Housing Inspector

Bedroom door lock

Main entry door lock